Small-Tiny-Micro Windows XP

  ISOs by eXPerience & Others

There are around 100 small-ish Windows XP ISOs available here for download.

About half of these are by eXPerience and the rest by various authors including Dark Reverser, Pankoza, Chibi, K4101-EVO23 and several other authors - for some ISOs the author is
now lost in time.

I've tried quite a few of these in VirtualBox, especially those by eXPerience, and for quite a few years MicroXP v0.82 was my go-to XP install for old laptops.

A lot of the ones I've tried have a very brief notation included in the file name to distinguish them as having half a dozen downloaded ISOs named "Windows XP Lite" doesn't tell me much.

I know that some people get twitchy about renaming downloaded files, but . . . my house, my rules (SIUP).

I'm not going to give a detailed description of each of the ISOs here as there are too many of them - if one  catches your eye, then download it and try it in VirtualBox or VMware as most ISOs are quite small (they range in size from 63mb to 700mb, although there are a couple of smaller PE versions included for SnGs).

I've grouped the ISOs according to author - if I have 2+ ISOs from an author then they're grouped separately.

I've also listed the ISOs in what's essentially a directory dump of how the ISOs are stored on this server.

To download any of the ISOs below, just click on the ISO name.

These are not all of the Windows XP versions I have, just some of the smaller and more interesting ones.

Some of them are quite impressive for what's been achieved in such a small package.

All credit to the authors for making these available for everyone to enjoy.

Almost all will scan cleanly but a few may attract attention from your AV for key finders or system tweaks etc. but then you know the drill - adult behaviour required.

Anyways, hê pret !

Kind regards,

Downloads - listed by author - click a file name to download:

     To download a .PDF document with a listing of the ISOs available on this page . . . click here.

ISOs by eXPerience – single XP versions:
_MicroXP_0.6b_SP2_eXPerience_No_Mods_Appears_Original_2007.iso 90 MB
_MicroXP_0.6b_SP2_eXPerience_Modded_Version_(Smaller)_2012.iso 74 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v0-80_x32_(Auto_Inst)_eXPerience_2008.iso 102 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v0-82_x32_(Auto_Inst)_eXPerience_2008.iso 102 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v0-83_x32_(Auto_Inst)_eXPerience_2008.iso 106 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v0-84_x32_(Auto_Inst)_eXPerience_2010.iso 112 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v0-86_x32_(Auto_Inst)_eXPerience_2010.iso 169 MB
_TinyBeast_XP_PRO_SP2_vI_x32_(Auto_Inst)_eXPerience_2006.iso 146 MB
_TinyBeast_XP_PRO_SP2_vII_x32_(Auto_Inst)_eXPerience_2010.iso 294 MB
Tiny XP_by_eXPerience_Not_sure_of_version_2012.iso 115 MB
Tiny_2003_SP1_2006_Actually_eXPerience_GD.iso 169 MB
XP_x64_SP2_Auto_Inst_Probably_eXPerience_2008.iso 638 MB
Black Flag Windows Update for MicroXP 0.81 0.82
  This is not made by eXPerience – it’s basically a driverpack
  used to add drivers to MicroXP v0.81/v0.82/v0.83.
927 MB

ISOs by eXPerience – Multiple XP versions:
Revision 09 – Multiple TinyXP versions – 2008:
_ Rev09__ISOs_ReadMe.txt
_ Rev09__Versions_ReadMe.txt
_Rev09__Source__TinyXP_Versions_Only_May2008.iso 717 MB
Rev09__01.TinyXP.R09.With.IE.OE.WMP.With.Driverpacks.iso 461 MB
Rev09__02.TinyXP.R09.With.IE.OE.WMP.Without.Driverpacks.iso 301 MB
Rev09__03.TinyXP.R09.Without.IE.OE.WMP.With.Driverpacks.iso 397 MB
Rev09__04.TinyXP.R09.Without.IE.OE.WMP.Without.Driverpacks.iso 237 MB
Rev09__05.TinyXP.R09.BARE.With.IE.OE.WMP.With.Driverpacks.iso 426 MB
Rev09__06.TinyXP.R09.BARE.With.IE.OE.WMP.Without.Driverpacks.iso 266 MB
Rev09__07.TinyXP.R09.BARE.Without.IE.OE.WMP.With.Driverpacks.iso 363 MB
Rev09__08.TinyXP.R09.BARE.Without.IE.OE.WMP.Without.Driverpacks.iso 204 MB
Rev09__09.TinyXP.R09.Standard.Untweaked.Installation.With.Repair.Option.iso 221 MB
Rev09__10.11.12.Acronis.DSL.Hirens_(2008).iso 182 MB

Revision 10 – Multiple XP versions – 2010:
_ Rev10__ISOs_ReadMe.txt
_ Rev10__Versions_ReadMe.txt
_Rev10__Source__TinyXP-Rev10_Multi_incl_MicroXP-084_eXPerience_Feb2010.iso 1740 MB
Rev_10__XP01a.Full.XP.With.Drivers.iso 711 MB
Rev_10__XP01b.Full.XP.Without.Drivers.iso 689 MB
Rev_10__XP02a.TinyXP.R10.With.Drivers.iso 716 MB
Rev_10__XP02b.TinyXP.R10.Without.Drivers.iso 355 MB
Rev_10__XP03a.MicroXP.v0.84.With.Drivers.iso 712 MB
Rev_10__XP03b.MicroXP.v0.84.Without.Drivers.iso 112 MB
Rev_10__XP04.TinyXP.MicroXP.Hirens.Acronis.SpinRite.With.Drivers.iso 75 MB

Revision 11 – Multiple XP versions – 2010:
_ Rev11__ISOs_ReadMe.txt
_ Rev11__Versions_ReadMe.txt
_Rev11__Source__TinyXP_Incl_TinyB-II_and_MicroXP-086_eXPerience_Sep2010.iso 708 MB
Rev11__TXPB-TinyXP-Beast-Edition-II-Unattended-Install.iso 294 MB
Rev11__XP01-Full-XP-Normal-Install.iso 536 MB
Rev11__XP02-Slimmed-XP-Normal-Install.iso 406 MB
Rev11__XP03-TinyXP-Rev11-IE8-WMP11-Normal-Install.iso 344 MB
Rev11__XP04-TinyXP-Rev11-Without-IE-or-WMP-or-Windows-Update-Normal-Install.iso 301 MB
Rev11__XP05-MicroXP-v0.86-Unattended-Install.iso 169 MB
Rev11__XP06-Full-XP-Unattended-Install.iso 536 MB
Rev11__XP07-Slimmed-XP-Unattended-Install.iso 406 MB
Rev11__XP08-TinyXP-Rev11-IE8-WMP11-Unattended-Install.iso 344 MB
Rev11__XP09-TinyXP-Rev11-Without-IE-or-WMP-or-Windows-Update-Unattended-Install.iso 301 MB

Revision 12 – Multiple XP and Server 2003 versions – 2011:
_ Rev12__ISOs_ReadMe.txt
_ Rev12__Versions_ReadMe.txt
_Rev12__Source__Incl_MicroXP-087_and_Server_eXPerience_Oct2011.iso 3462 MB
Rev12__WS01A-Full-Server-2003-With-Driverpacks.iso 699 MB
Rev12__WS01B-Full-Server-2003-Without-Driverpacks.iso 672 MB
Rev12__WS02A-Tiny2003-With-Driverpacks.iso 637 MB
Rev12__WS02B-Tiny2003-Without-Driverpacks.iso 301 MB
Rev12__WS03A-Micro2003-With-Driverpacks.iso 666 MB
Rev12__WS03B-Micro2003-Without-Driverpacks.iso 139 MB
Rev12__XP01A-Full-XP-With-Driverpacks.iso 687 MB
Rev12__XP01B-Full-XP-Without-Driverpacks.iso 629 MB
Rev12__XP02A-TinyXP-R12-With-Driverpacks.iso 625 MB
Rev12__XP02B-TinyXP-R12-Without-Driverpacks.iso 231 MB
Rev12__XP03A-MicroXP-R12-With-Driverpacks.iso 654 MB
Rev12__XP03B-MicroXP-R12-Without-Driverpacks.iso 128 MB

ISOs by Dark Reverser – single XP versions:
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v0-97_x32_(Auto_Inst)_DarkReverser_2011.iso 203 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v0-98_x32_(Auto_Inst)_Dark_Reverser_(Fouady)_2011.iso 198 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v1-0_(Auto_Inst)_Dark_Reverser_2012.iso 203 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v1-06_x32_(Auto_Inst)_DarkReverser_2012.iso 411 MB
_MicroXP_PRO_SP3_v1-11b_x32_(Auto_Inst)_DarkReverser_2013.iso 344 MB

ISOs by Pankoza – single XP versions:
_Smallest Windows XP RTM SP0 v1_IA-Pankoza.iso 72 MB
_Smallest Windows XP RTM SP0 v2_IA-Pankoza_OK_few_drivers.iso 70 MB
_Windows XP RTM SP0 NanoLite_IA-Pankoza_OK_few_drivers_Thm.iso 127 MB

ISOs by K4101-EVO23 – single XP versions:
Windows_Server_2003_R2_Super_Small_Lite_(K4101-EVO23_WINSRV2003SSLITE).iso 103 MB
WindowsXPSuperSmallLiteByEVOK410iCFW.iso 85 MB
WinXPSSLite_1.0.9980a_EVOK410iCFW.iso 112 MB
WinXPSuper-Lite_EVOK410iCFW.iso 337 MB
XP_Super_Small_Lite_Network-Build_(K4101-EVO23_WINXPSSLITE2.iso 113 MB
XP_Super_Small_Lite_v2.0-Build_1650_(K4101-EVO23_WINXPSSLITE).iso 105 MB
XP_Super_Small_Lite_v2.0.20-PR1_(K4101-EVO23_WINXPSSLITE2PR1).iso 97 MB

ISOs by Chibi – single XP versions:
_ChibiXP_v1_Not_Act_IA_OK_(few_drivers).iso 72 MB
_ChibiXP_v2_Act_IA_Not_Tried.iso 71 MB

ISOs by Other Authors – single XP versions:
_MicroXP_0.6b_SP2_Reduced_Version_of_0.6b_Called_WinSlim_2019.iso 64 MB
_Windows XP Super-Nano Lite_IA-Alexey_ACT_OK_few_drivers.iso 82 MB
_Windows_XP_Extreme_Gamers_Edition.iso 343 MB
_WINDOWS_XP_NEO_MAX_2016.iso 334 MB
_XP_Palestine_SP2_x32_(Auto_Inst)_Maybe_Modded_TinyB_vI_2007.iso 166 MB
_XP_Performance_Edition_PRO_SP3_x32_(Auto_Inst)_2009.iso 183 MB
Deluxor_XP_SP3.iso 248 MB
GenaXP_Live_CD_PE_IA-Dec2021_OK_No_Net.ISO 104 MB
IA_Windows_XP_SP3_Lite_Sata_Final_2013.iso 321 MB
NanoXP_by_Vichingo455_ACT.iso 71 MB
Super_Nano_XP_from_IA_(FR)_Feb2002 - Cant change FR.iso 75 MB
Win_XP_SuperLite_2021_IA_OK_Interesting_Themes.iso 231 MB
Windows XP Professional RTM Lite_IA-GH98_OK_few_drivers.iso 184 MB
Windows Xp SP3 Pro Black Widow Edition Lite_oilira.iso 293 MB
Windows XP Super Lite (No SP4)_IA-CWXP_OK_few_drivers_Thm.iso 192 MB
Windows XP Supreme Lite Ninja Ed_IA-TechnoGuy.iso 269 MB
Windows XP x64 SP1 nLited by 0x3d_IA.iso 311 MB
Windows_XP_Lite_SP2_IA_2022_Not_Tried.iso 108 MB
WINDOWS_XP_PRO_SP3_LITE_01.2015[LIO].iso 357 MB 182 MB
WXP_2019_fedya.iso 277 MB

ISOs named as WinLite – Multiple Authors – single XP versions:
WinLite_XP_2023_(By_Boi_Probably_nLited).iso 135 MB
WinLite_XP_SP3_2017_Network_Issues.iso 265 MB
WinLite_XP_SP3_v2_2019.iso 169 MB
WinLite_XP_SP3_Vibration_2011.iso 207 MB

ISOs of Various XP PE versions:
PE_XP_(LiveXP_2010)_OK_Few_Apps.iso 172 MB
WindowsXP-PE.iso 39 MB
XP_PE_2007_CRP.iso 47 MB
XP.PE.July.2009.English.iso 183 MB
And Just for SnGs, 2 More XP versions:
These claim to be Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 but aren't - they're both XP. Neither
will boot and must be run from within Windows. Two examples of script kiddy fun.
w7_Highly_Compressed_(Actually_XP_-_Script_Kiddy_Fun).7z9 MB
w8.1_Highly_Compressed_(Actually_XP_-_Script_Kiddy_Fun).7z9 MB

ISO Sources:

The best site I've found for small / customised versions of Windows XP (and others) is the Internet Archive.

There are probably thousands of Windows XP versions on the site.

For example, searching for "XP Lite" returns 667 matches:

Searches for related keywords such as "XP Nano", "XP Super", "XP Tiny", etc. will probably be similar.

There are still plenty of people modifying Windows XP (and w7 and w10) and downloading from the Archive is probably less risky than downloading from some other sites, as the Archive allows reviews of it's files.

The archive can also be a reasonably good source of drivers, although about the best sites I've found for early to mid 2000s drivers are and, but there are heaps of others - just avoid the sites that insist you login to download files as many of these seem a bit dodgy.

For software for older OSs, WinWorldPC and RetroSystemsRevival are great resources, but there are dozens of other good sites to be found - as long as you exercise some common sense and avoid sites that use "crack" or "keygen" in the site description that pops up in your search results.

And searching for Windows XP or Windows 98 on YouTube will throw up thousands of hits for tutorials and how-to's for these, so there's no shortage of advice about how to keep using these OSs in 2024, either as daily drivers or simply for a hobby.

Windows XP and Windows 98 are also great reminders of what an OS should be - small, functional, efficient and not focussed on restricting the user experience (or selling them games or other useless software).

Windows XP may not be mainstream anymore, but reports that it's dead and buried are a little overblown.

VirtualBox - Portable Versions:

I usually use portable apps, so I've uploaded a small selection of VirtualBox Portable installations (in .zip files) that could be useful for testing the ISOs above.

No install needed, just extract the folder from the .zip and run VirtualBoxPortable.exe.

Included are versions that run on XP+, Windows 7+ and Windows 8.1+ (x32 + x64).

As a bonus I've included one of the last versions of the original VirtualBox by Innotek that will run on Windows 2000-XP (although it's an installer version rather than a portable version) for all you w2000 diehards.

If you choose to try one (or more) of the portable versions read the note about possible driver issues.

Either use the link on the home page to go to the download page or just click here.

Screenshots:       (Use your browser's right click function "Open Image In New Tab" to see larger images)

It's the end of the week and all motivation is gone . . . but here are a few screenshots:

eXPerience MicroXP 0.82

eXPerience Tiny2003

eXPerience TinyB XP vI

Dark Reverser MicroXP 0.97

Dark Reverser MicroXP 1.06

Pankoza XP Nano Lite

XP Performance Edition

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