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I normally use portable apps rather than installer versions and for years I've used VirtualBox Portable for testing various Windows XP and multiboot installs, as well as for dropping a few of my favourite VMs onto a laptop to futz around with when I'm travelling.

You may have a use for VirtualBox Portable as well, so I've included a few versions here for download.

These are simply a selection that will run on x32 or x64 machines from Windows XP and up.

I've also included one of the last versions of the original VirtualBox by Innotek that will run on Windows 2000 (although it's an installer version rather than a portable version).

All versions include the relevant extension pack and guest additions (except for Innotek v1.5.6).

No install needed (except for Innotek), just extract the folder from the zip file and run VirtualBoxPortable.exe.

Your AV shouldn't object to these as they seem to be a pretty standard plain vanilla install, outside of whatever the program launcher may do to load/unload the VirtualBox driver(s) on startup/shutdown.

Windows 10 Defender has no issues with any of the versions here so your AV should also be OK.

The versions available for download are:       (click the file name to download)

Windows XP and higher host, 32 or 64 bit:             88 MB    117 MB

Windows 7 and higher host, 32 or 64 bit:                  236 MB                   197 MB                 191 MB

Windows 8.1 and higher host, 64 bit only:                    122 MB                      131 MB

Bonus - an oldie but goodie:
Windows 2000-XP hosts, 32 bit, Innotek installer:
     VirtualBox_1.5.6_Win_x86_2K-XP_(Innotek).zip             16 MB

If you want to browse the full selection of 100+ VirtualBox versions I've accumulated, visit my FTP site:        (login as anonymous)
and select the directory:   

Note regarding VirtualBox Portable driver error:

Running different versions of VirtualBox Portable or VirtualBox installed version in a single Windows session will most likely result in VirtualBox Portable driver load error. The only way to resolve this is to reboot the PC and then only run one version of VirtualBox Portable in any Windows session.

I suspect this is caused by a VirtualBox Portable driver load/unload issue. Not a big issue unless you're trying out multiple portable versions in the one Windows session.

Note regarding source site(s) for VirtualBox Portable:

The versions available here for download (except 1.5.6) came from which for about the last 10 years was my go-to for a VirtualBox Portable installer.

The site provided a nifty little installer that took the Oracle VirtualBox install file and extracted it and merged that with the Oracle Guest Additions and Extension Pack to produce a very nice portable installation.

Unfortunately, the site has stopped offering the install builder and the last version of it is now only available on the Internet Archive. Pity, but there you go.

For what is's worth - and with no guarantees as to how long these installers will work - here are the last 2 installers from PortableAppz that I have: 

To use the installer, drop it into the same directory as the 3 Oracle VirtualBox source files (VirtualBox installer, Guest Additions and Extension Pack) and run it to create the portable installation. Very nifty.

The site which did essentially the same thing is still online but seems a bit outdated (although it's hard to tell as their version numbering doesn't seem to match VirtualBox version numbering).

Update on VirtualBox Portable, 11 May 2024:

VirtualBox Portable has returned to with the latest version now being 7.0.18. As to how long VirtualBox Portable will remain on the site is anyone's guess, so get in while the going's good.

And lastly:

Here's the Oracle direct download link for versions 4 to 7 of VirtualBox: has VirtualBox versions 1.4.0 to 4.2.18 for download here:

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Updated  11 May 2024