Small-Tiny-Micro Windows XP

Disclaimer - Read Slowly

Here we are again.

All ISOs on the following page(s) are provided "uberrimae fidei" and with no malicious intent.

The ISOs are small customised versions of Windows XP made by eXPerience, Dark Reverser and other authors.

I am not the author of any of the ISOs.

All ISOs are made available "as found" (apart from some renaming of the ISO or zip files to keep track of what they contain).

As far as I'm aware, there is no malware, spyware, virus, trojan, hijacker, bot or whatever else fits into the current threat model of a very insecure generation, i.e. the average smartphone user, available on this site.

However, with that said, there may be some things in several of the ISOs that your AV may object to, for example, some customised versions of XP have non standard features that may prompt a warning - and some included freeware programs such as Windows key finders may also have the same effect.

If that concerns you, then move along . . . nothing to see here.

For everyone else, the bottom line is that no software available here is provided with malicious intent - but some may require adult behaviour.

If you understand this, then click "I understand" to acknowledge and continue to the ISOs.

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Updated  10 March 2024