343 Tiny Windows XP+ GUI
Programs On 1x1.44mb Floppy

This is my answer to the question as to how many tiny Windows XP+ GUI programs will fit on one 1.44mb floppy disk (in this case, a floppy disk .IMA image format) - which, as it turns out, is 343 programs.

If you can fit more than 343 GUI programs on 1 x 1.44mb floppy disk then please do - I'll be rather impressed.

I'd run out of GUI programs under 10kb at 242 in the previous post so I had to move up to GUI programs between 11kb and 13kb in size.

These are predominately programs from the early to mid 2000's aimed primarily at Windows XP and they have all been tested and confirmed working on Windows XP.

Many will work with Windows 9x through to Windows 10 (based on cursory testing done to date) but that's for you to find out.

I've only included Windows GUI programs here and there are no DOS, Windows 3.1 or Windows 9x only programs, or Windows XP CMD line programs. There are also no device drivers, no system files, no games, no screensavers and no wallpapers or themes - just small functional freeware programs.

(There are 2 ring-ins in the bunch as they ticked a box for me, so no apologies - my house, my way).

Note that my definition of a GUI program is any program I can run in Windows without using a command prompt / DOS box (whatever you prefer) - strictly point and click or drag'n'drop to run.

This also includes programs that don't actually present a program GUI to the user, such as programs that empty the recycle bin, create a restore point or shut down Windows immediately.

If I can use it without using a command prompt then to me it's a GUI program.

Feel free to have a different definition.

As before with the 242 programs, I've tried to avoid including Java and .NET programs in this collection (with a few exceptions for web browsers, as I have a soft spot for browsers).

All of the programs here are stand-alone executables with no install needed, just drop and run - however, many will have VB or VC dependencies, as you'll find out.

In the documentation I've marked those I found that had a dependency, but haven't identified all of them as once I'd installed a VB runtime needed by 1 program if another 8 programs also had the same dependency than I won't have highlighted that as the first program I installed the VB component for means that subsequent programs with the same dependency will have run without an error message.

I've kept the previous 242 program groupings and just added the 101 additional programs to the existing 7 main and 25 sub categories.

Each of the 7 main categories has a page to itself and the final page has all 343 programs.

However for this post I haven't provided small downloads of each group of programs as the entire collection of 343 programs is so small.

So all downloads are on the last page.

All files have been scanned by w10 Defender and no issues found . . . click here to see the report.

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Updated  31 December 2023