242 Tiny Windows XP+ GUI
Programs - 10kb And Less

These are all the tiny (10kb and less) Windows programs that I've collected over the last 25+ years.

These are predominately programs from the early to mid 2000's aimed primarily at Windows XP and they have all been tested and confirmed working on Windows XP.

Many will work with Windows 9x through to Windows 10 (based on cursory testing done to date) but that's for you to find out - I don't have the time to test all these on every OS from Windows 95 to Windows 10.

I've only included Windows GUI programs here and there are no DOS, Windows 3.1 or Windows 9x only programs, or Windows XP CMD line programs. There are also no device drivers, no system files, no games, no screensavers and no wallpapers or themes - just small functional freeware programs.

Note that my definition of a GUI program is any program I can run in Windows without using a command prompt / DOS box (whatever you prefer) - strictly point and click or drag'n'drop to run.

This also includes programs that don't actually present a program GUI to the user, such as programs that empty the recycle bin, create a restore point or shut down Windows immediately.

If I can use it without using a command prompt then to me it's a GUI program.

Feel free to have a different definition.

I've avoided including Java and .NET programs in this collection (with 2 exceptions for 2 web browsers, as I have a soft spot for browsers) as w
hile there are hundreds of small Java programs around on sites such as Softpedia (claiming file sizes of 1kb-5kb) it's all a bit of a fudge as they're really only GUI front ends to a huge library of functions and I prefer programs from developers that put in slightly more effort.

I have included VB-based programs from the late 90's and early 2000's as most of these are done by amateur developers and some of them are extremely quirky (to say the least) and that naive aspect appeals to me.

VB programs from 25 years ago made by amateur developers are also a remnant of the original internet when there was a sense of enthusiasm and optimism for what the web could provide - who'd a thought 25 years ago that the web would end up being an online shopping mall sponsored by a big tech-surveillance state duopoly.

But it is what it is, so work around it.

Anyways . . . all of the programs here are stand-alone executables with no install needed, just drop and run.

Quite a few will have VB or VC dependencies, as you'll find out.

In the documentation I've marked those I found that had a dependency, but haven't identified all of them as once I'd installed a VB runtime needed by 1 program if another 8 programs also had the same dependency than I won't have highlighted that as the first program I installed the VB component for means that subsequent programs with the same dependency will have run without an error message.

I imagine you'll suss it out.

To make things a little easier, I've grouped the 242 programs in 7 main and 25 sub categories.

Each of the 7 main categories has a page to itself and the final page has all 242 programs.

Each page has a .zip containing all files grouped by sub category, a .pdf with all screenshots and another .pdf with a summary of the program, author and my comment on it.

All files have been scanned by w10 Defender and no issues found . . . click here to see the report.

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Updated  13 November 2023