This Really Gets My Goat 

When I was researching the maximum number of partitions possible using the MBR partitioning scheme I noticed a very annoying thread on some forums, with self-proclaimed "Senior Software Engineer" or "Senior Systems Architect" or similar B/S titles loudly declaring that Windows 64 bit can't be installed on an MBR disk.

A typical example of one of these idiots:


This kind of stupidity really gets my goat.

Even a cursory engagement of some brain function would have raised the question:

    "But how did Windows XP 64 bit (released in October 2001) and later 64 bit Windows
     versions install before UEFI and GPT came into general use around 15 years ago ?"

Next I'll have some clown tell me that Windows 10 64 bit can't read a FAT12 floppy.

Are colleges and universities now treating stupidity as a favoured trait in students ?

And if the dickhead who posted that nonsense above should read this, here's a picture:


And before someone comments that Windows 11 64 bit must be installed on a UEFI / GPT system - that isn't a constraint inherent in the 64 bit OS, it's a constraint imposed by Microsoft.

If you feel the need to preach on internet forums, at least take the time to read the relevant bible first and maybe then you won't come off looking like a pompous but vacuous Dunning-Kruger dickhead.

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Updated  13 April 2023