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AnyDesk remote access, v3.6.1 - Portable, just drop onto desktop and run.

Will run on any PC running Windows XP through to Windows 10 - fast.

Will prompt to upgrade to the latest version (v7.1.6) but don't, as registration is now required for all features.

Click the file name to download:      AnyDesk_3-6-1_XP-10_Portable

Other remote access apps - both portable and fast.

Click the file name to download:      Distant_Desktop_3.1_x32-64_w7-10_Portable

Click the file name to download:      TrustViewer_2.8.0_x32-64_XP-10_Portable

Aomei Backupper Standard, Free Edition, v7.2 for Windows 7 to 11.

One of the best free backup solutions - can also store the backup files on a NAS (a lot of free versions won't).

* File Backup, System Backup, Partition Backup, Whole Disk Backup
* Automatic Backup, Incremental Backup, Sector-by-Sector Backup
* Backup to Local Disk, External Disk, USB, NAS, Cloud, CD/DVD

Click the file name to download:      

Aomei Backupper Free website:

Pablo FTP Client, a most excellent small, portable, simple and fast FTP client.

Click the file name to download:       FTP_Wanderer_Client_3.0_Pablo

My Internet Archive uploads page:

My Internet Archive web site, archived 2023:                

W95 drivers and misc:     Not at the moment.

Kate and Daniel . . . let me know if you still need the pics link.

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Updated  23 November 2023